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Franky Freedom a.k.a François Laliberté is a professional musician, composer and producer based in Montreal. Known for his powerful capacities on the drums and his wide creativity in music, François is an unanimously respected musician.

Refining his music education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, François earned a place on the Dean’s List which recognize his high level performances.

As a composer and arranger, Franky shows his unique style through a perfect mix of complexity and sensitivity. He has been working on his Solo project incorporating jazz, electronic and R&B influences.

François has been working with music legends like Wayne Krantz, Evan Marien, Robin Mullarkey, Frederic Robinson and many more. His debut album released on March 18th 2022.

Franky did his first show with his band in front of a full house at the Palais Montcalm (Quebec City) for the Ralph Angelillo International Drum Fest.

The performance was highly acclaimed.

He also performed on the national television music show Belle et Bum in November 2022.

As a drummer, François has been playing with Canadian groups, touring internationally with hip-hop, jazz and R&B artists (Alain Caron, Nikki Yanofsky, Random Recipe, Koriass, Jonathan Roy, Miro, Afrikana Soul Sister and many more) and working as a session drummer.

He is currently endorsing Yamaha Drums, Evans Drumheads and ProMark Drumsticks.

"Solid timekeeper. Good facility and very ”loose” looking hands and feet. Really creative. He’s very good!"

                                                             - David Garibaldi ''PASIC 2009''

" Feels Good. Very solid groove and time. Solo ideas are very mature."

                                                             - Ndugu Chancler ''PASIC 2009''

" Nice relaxed feel. Ah.. thank you for the dynamics on your solo. Well done on the solo and the time, stayed solid and you built to a lovely climax. Well done!!! I like it a lot."

                                                             - Tommy Igoe ''PASIC 2009''

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